2018 Virtual Toddler Group Description

toddler and mom.jpeg

Toddlers are so fun and also learning so much by pushing boundaries! Children need enough sleep to help with learning, behavior and overall health. The toddler virtual group is designed for children 2.5 to 4.5 years of age. We will go over everything in a semi-custom sleep plan for your child’s age in a group setting online:

  • bedtime routine and bedtime
  • night wakings
  • early rising
  • naps 
  • big kids bed 
  • general troubleshooting
  • consistency and consequences

The CONSULT: The group will meet virtually on a pre-scheduled date. Each family will log onto my Google Hangout at that time, and open up their email to find the group’s tot sleep plan. You will then listen for 60 minutes while I walk though the plan for the group. Once we have discussed the plan, I will leave 30 minutes for everyone to get questions answered before we get started. Then, we will all enter the NEXT night as night 1 of the two week plan.

FOLLOW UP support: As for follow up support, I will create a private facebook group in which we will communicate. This will hold everyone accountable and provide a quick way to troubleshoot! I will answer questions twice a day for the entire two weeks of the plan. This type of group setting is helpful to learn from each others questions and provide support. No foul language or any disrespect directed at other group members will be tolerated. In addition, you will get one private phone call during the first week (approx, 20-30 min) to talk about any specific concerns with you kiddo(s)

INVESTMENT in Sleep: The cost for this two week program is $200, a 58% savings off my fully customized toddler rate. In order to hold your spot for a future toddler group date a $75 deposit is required. The remainder of total just needs to be paid before our official group consult!

In order to provide amazing support to all my participants I will cap the class at 5 to 6 families. I’m so excited about working with you family to start chasing sleep in 2018!

Is this group plan right for you? Have a comparison look and I can answer any further questions!

Fully Customized Toddler Sleep Plan ($425)

  1. Preliminary assessment with questionnaire
  2. Private 60 minute consultation
  3. Personalized 2 week sleep plan
  4. Three weeks of follow up support (calls & email)
  5. Sleep log communication


Virtual Toddler Group ($200)

  1. Preliminary phone call
  2. Group on-line 60 minute consultation
  3. Semi-custom (to age) 2 week sleep plan
  4. Two weeks of follow up support (FB and call)