The best money I've ever spent. Period.

The best way I can put it is Amanda gave me my life (and sanity) back. My 10 month old son was waking up 3-8 times per night and I had been feeding him back to sleep each time, ending up co-sleeping just to get some sleep. Within 2 days of working with Amanda he was sleeping in his own room, own bed, and sleeping though the night 12 hours straight! The best money I've ever spent. Period.

— Justina Wheale


We are all getting better sleeps!

Amanda is amazing and I can’t recommend her enough! She is easy to talk to, made a schedule that fit our daycare/home needs, was so reassuring throughout the whole process and made sleep feel more natural again! My daughter went from being up every hour through the whole night, to going to sleep independently and sleeping through the night! We are all getting better sleeps and I can’t thank her enough!

— Kaitlin Hamilton


We hired Amanda after our 7 month old was still waking and feeding 4 times a night and we were desperate for sleep. With the plan she put in place our baby started sleeping through the night almost immediately. Baby also started napping better during the day. Can’t begin to explain how happy we are to get some sleep!

— Stephanie Wing


Working with Amanda was a life changing experience for my whole family

Working with Amanda was a life changing experience for my whole family. My little guy went from waking up 5 times a night to 13 hours straight. She is kind, committed and very knowledgeable. Her approach to solving our sleep problems has been a great way to set my son up for a lifetime of successful sleep.

— Manisha Campbell


Within DAYS of working with Amanda, our little one puts herself to sleep at any bed/nap time.

So glad to have found Amanda. She is so knowledgeable, relatable and very caring. Throughout the process, she made me feel like I was her only client! Our 10 month old baby was waking up to 5 times at night and would only go back to sleep if I nursed her. She also only slept at nap time after I nurse her so only I could put her to sleep. Within DAYS of working with Amanda, our little one puts herself to sleep at any bed/nap time. She willingly wants to go to her crib and does not cry when put in bed. Amazing. Thank you Amanda for being there for us.

— Lyne Sleiman


I was desperate for sleep and now our household now has restful sleep.”

Amanda’s is amazing!!! She is very caring and helped my family immensely with getting my 7 month old son on track to having great sleep. I was completely exhausted because my boy who co slept with me, would wake every 45 minutes to 2 hours through the night. He would only fall back asleep if I nursed him. His naps were a nightmare as well. He would only sleep 30-45 minutes and he always seemed tired. Amanda helped us with a customized sleep plan and My son now sleeps in his crib through the night and for naps without any night feedings. I’m not going to lie about it being tear free but some of it was on my part as well. I was prepared to let him shed some tears because I knew he would catch on quickly and he did!! I’m in amazement on how quickly he can fall asleep from being wide awake and sleep for the proper amount of time in his crib without being nursed at all. I was desperate for sleep and now our household now has restful sleep and everyone is so much happier!

— Vanya


Amanda has made such a positive impact on our family.

Amanda has made such a positive impact on our family. Prior to hiring her, our 8 month old baby was getting up 5-6 times a night. After implementing Amanda’s customized sleep plan our baby is now able to sleep through the night, (11- 12 hours) EVERY NIGHT!

Amanda was wonderful, I felt that I could reach out and get a response very quickly. She was also very knowledgeable and worked with us to offer solutions that fit with our family. Not only did Amanda help with our baby’s current sleep struggles, but because her technique focuses on helping your child to sooth themselves back to sleep, I feel confident that we have the skills necessary to tackle any further sleep issues that may come up. I am so grateful that I found Amanda, and highly recommend her services to any family that is struggle with sleep.

— Kelly Allen


We are SO grateful to Amanda for helping us and our little boy learn how to sleep! Amanda taught us all how to set boundaries, apply consequences and rewards when necessary but most importantly, gave us all the confidence and reassurance that we were all capable of making a plan and sticking to it! I didn’t know we were all capable of achieving so much success in such little time. Amanda was so understanding, knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive; we very highly recommend using her!

— Trina Wickson


“…I am so glad that we put our trust in her.”

When we contacted Amanda, to get help with our son's sleep, he was waking up every hour at night and would only go back to sleep with bouncing or nursing. No one was sleeping and we were all exhausted. I will be honest that I was concerned about doing any sort of sleep training but after my initial conversation with Amanda, I felt confident that she could guide us through this process in a way that would work for our family, and I am so glad that we put our trust in her. She took the time to hear out our concerns and goals and developed a program that she knew was going to work for us and that we could stick with. She is so knowledgeable but also very understanding, emphatic and flexible. Not only did she provide the initial guidance we needed, she was also very responsive to all our questions and provided support as needed. We are VERY thankful to her as we are all far more rested and our little dude has learned some amazing sleep skills!

— Vasserman


“…just pure sleeping bliss in my household all thanks to Amanda!”

Amanda is INCREDIBLE!! We worked with her before my second son was even born and she gave us wonderful tips and tricks to start our son off on a healthy path to becoming a great sleeper. She was kind, supportive and completely understanding about all of our concerns and questions. She was never pushy with her suggestions, rather she explained everything in great detail so we understood why we were doing what we were doing. She checked in on us to ensure baby was doing well and genuinely cared about all of us. I can proudly say that I have a 6 month old who sleeps soundly all through the night and who has solid naps everyday...he’s the happiest baby because he gets the sleep he needs! I’m one happy momma because I get the sleep I need!! No fuss at bedtime, no fuss at nap time, just pure sleeping bliss in my household all thanks to Amanda!! I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend EVERYONE allow Amanda to guide you to happy days and happy nights!!

— Erin Fudge


“Our only regret is that we waited so long to reach out to Amanda.”

We are incredibly thankful for Amanda! Our only regret is that we waited so long to reach out to her. Our little girl was an inconsistent napper at best, and a terrible sleeper at night. She was waking anywhere from every 45 minutes to 3 hours. We were hesitant to try to sleep train her as neither of us were on board with letting her cry it out. She was teething and gaining a new skill (standing up!), when Amanda coached us through her learning how to sleep. We had our first full 12 hour sleep on the 7th night! We have experienced some rough spots, but now most nights we put her down now at 7 and she is sleeping for 11-12 hours in her crib without waking.

Amanda was flexible in her plan for us, took the time to address our concerns, was quick to offer feedback and answer questions, and I truly believe she loves what she is doing. Thanks Amanda!

— Sarah Rogers


Amanda is so friendly & knowledgeable. She has a wealth of knowledge for getting your baby to sleep. She has been a huge help to us. We booked a mini consult for some travel tips, and sleep regression, and after the first night we already saw our baby's sleep improved. I highly recommend you contact her if you need help with your baby and sleep training.

— Erin R


“Amanda made an instant connection with us and our son and we were all totally on board to start the process.”

After almost 3 years of living in complete sleep deprivation, I thought that any possible sleep remediation for our son was out of the question. I figured that we had missed our window of sleep training. Although we had considered hiring a sleep consultant several times since our son was born, my husband and I thought that things would get better. We worried that if we hired a sleep consultant we would spend a lot of money on a plan that we would not be able to follow through on and one that would not fit with our parenting style. In total desperation after 3 years of having my son wake up 4-6 times a night I thankfully found Amanda. I was concerned that my son would be challenging to sleep train given that he was a toddler and I was regretting not taking action earlier. At our first visit we knew we had made the right decision.

Amanda made an instant connection with us and our son and we were all totally on board to start the process. The plan was very clearly laid out for us and we were all ready when the first night arrived. To our surprise, our son responded very quickly (almost leading the process) and we were all getting the sleep we needed within the first few days. Amanda provided us with feedback through e-mails, calls and comments in our sleep log which were all very helpful. It has been over a month now and we are all sleeping through the night without sleep props. Our son is happier and has a positive view of sleep and although I am still trying to figure out what to do with all my free time in the evenings, I am also happier, less stressed and so much more productive! I honestly cannot thank Amanda enough!

— Jodi Kresowaty

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