Hi, I'm Amanda

I'm Amanda Wallace the founder of Chasing Sleep. I am a certified infant and child sleep consultant who is passionate about the benefits of sleep for everyone in your family.  My other passion is my job as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. Part of my heart belongs to those tiny little fighters and the people who stand beside them in their fight. 

My partner in crime is my husband Devon. Together we have had many adventures but none could top the adventure of becoming parents. Our first daughter, Addison, loved sleep right from the beginning!  When Raelyn came along twenty -seven months later we very quickly discovered what it meant to “run on empty”. Raelyn challenged every minute of sleep and Addison decided sleep was over rated after in her new-found toddler wisdom.  Within a few months we were exhausted, frustrated and lost. I poured over sleep books and searched for why I could not get my kids to sleep. What were we doing wrong? I was amazed when I found the answer in the Sleep Sense™ program. All of a sudden I had the tools to teach my daughters the skills to sleep, and to sleep well! I want EVERY parent to know that being a parent does not mean you are doomed to be exhausted for years. I want EVERY parent to know that they need the sleep just as much as their children do. I want EVERY parent to know there is an answer that will get your child sleeping.

So here I am. Devoted wife. Loving mom. Registered Nurse. Certified Sleep Consultant.  Lover of Sleep.