5 Things a Sleep Consultant Will Do For You

If you’re struggling with sleepless nights, you are not alone. Not that you’re surprised to hear that. Announce that you’re having a baby, and someone is bound to say something SMRT about how you are never going to sleep again.

Even less surprising, is that while sleepless nights have become a parenting cliche, fewer and fewer parents are taking this so-called fact of life lying down. We’re getting results oriented and looking to the experts for solutions!

So, who are the experts when it comes to getting kids to sleep through the night?

Sleep Consultants. (You can call us unicorns, too. We’re not opposed to that.)

Sleep Consultants, sometimes called sleep trainers, guide parents to help their children fall asleep without assistance and build healthy sleep habits for life.

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Compassionate professionals, Sleep Consultants—who are often parents who once struggled to get through the day while shakily clutching their 13th cup of coffee—are knowledgeable about normal physiological sleep and are equipped through both training and experience to help your family get more sleep.

Still, you may be unsure about why you would want to invite a stranger into your home (you can work with some of us online, too) and have them help you put your baby to bed at night. So, I’ve put together a short list of what a Sleep Consultant does.

1.       A Sleep Consultant will help you understand why your child is not sleeping as well as you would like them to. I promise, it isn’t a scheme nature has developed to prepare you for a different kind of sleepless nights when they become teenagers.

2.       A Sleep Consultant will explain how to change your child’s sleep habits. But she won’t just hand you a generic list and be like “Off you go! This is the recipe for more sleep. If it doesn’t work out, you’re just destined to become a mombie who survives on Starbucks and under eye brightener.”

3.       A Sleep Consultant will put together a plan based on your child’s developmental stage and personality. She will use all that aforementioned experience, knowledge, and training to develop a custom plan of action just for your child.

4.       And then she still won’t send you on your way to wander in the dark (and if you’re doing it right your baby’s room is completely and totally dark)! A Sleep Consultant will be available to help you with your questions, because you are going to have questions. Should something unexpected happen, she’s going to be there for you to tweak the plan or to reassure you that everything is normal.

5.       A Sleep Consultant will encourage you. One of the biggest reasons sleep training methods fail is because parents don’t follow through. Changing your habits, and your child’s habits is hard work. Sometimes you need someone in your corner to cheer you on and point out the finish line! I got you, Momma.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Not something you need to sleep on, (even if you could). Book a free 15-minute consultation with me and let’s chat about getting your little one to sleep!