30 New Year's Resolutions for Tired Moms

Good riddance to 2018.

We achieved goals and survived turmoil and even managed to keep our little people alive! #goals

Don’t get me wrong: Amazing things happened this year, but the general consensus seems to be that 2018 was a year for facing adversity and coming out the other side stronger, albeit a little bruised and worse for the wear! But we did it, Mommas! We made it to 2019!

And here we are again at the start of another year! New year, new you? Not me.

I don’t know about you but I see all the big resolutions and posts to social media about words of the year and I’m too tired to even scroll through them. Like, if I see another one of those fitness coaches bragging about how she didn’t gain a pound over the holidays, I’m going dig out the leftover can of whipped cream in my fridge and spitefully spray the remaining contents directly into my mouth.

Forget getting skinny and a fat savings account. Ready for some 2019 new year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep (I know I am!)?

1.      Stop comparing yourself to other moms, in real life and on social media.

2.      Accept that you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

3.      Increase the amount of water you drink.

4.      Try hugging when you feel like yelling.

5.      Floss your teeth.

6.      Buy fresh flowers when you get groceries.

7.      Write a bucket list for the year.

8.      Instead of saying “I should”, say “I get to”.

9.      Plan a road trip!

10.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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11.  Hire someone to clean your house, even if it’s just seasonally.

12.  Take more walks.

13.  Start a new hobby!

14.  Read a self-help book.

15.  Hug longer and harder.

16.  Set screen time limits for yourself.

17.  Sleep at the same time each night.

18.  Create a bedtime routine for YOU.

19.  Keep a dream journal.

20.  Practice daily gratitude.

21.  Start a garden or grow some herbs in your kitchen.

22.  Eat an extra fruit or veggie each day.

23.  Connect with nature.

24.  Forgive someone for wronging you in the past.

25.  Plan a date night with your partner or best friend.

26.  Start therapy.

27.  Make a playlist of old school jams and listen to it when you need a pick me up.

28.  Journal on a regular basis.

29.  Buy that thing on your Christmas list that no one bought for you.

30.  Create an inspiration or vision board.


As a tired parent, I like to keep my resolutions short and sweet. What’s your word of the year or resolution for 2019?