Children Having Trouble Sleeping? Physical Activity Could Be the Answer

I want to welcome my friends from Astro Jump on the blog this week! Find out if exercise could be the answer to your child’s sleep problems. Then check out Astro Jump for bouncy house rentals in Calgary for fun ways to keep your family physically active!

Parents around the world struggle to get their kids to sleep every night. They read piles of storybooks and give hours of snuggles, hundreds of kisses, and endless cups of water. Then they do it again the next night. And the next. This exhausting late-night routine may feel like the only option, but did you know there are things you can do with your kids during daylight hours (while you’re actually still awake!) that can impact your child’s ability to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer?

Increased physical activity during the day can help you and your children sleep better. A study conducted at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and the University of Auckland in New Zealand (published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood) found that for every hour a child was sedentary during the day, it took an additional three minutes for them to fall asleep. Children in the study were given activity monitors to wear during the day to measure how much physical activity they were getting and how vigorous the activity was. The children who exercised more and who participated in more vigorous exercise fell asleep much more quickly than those who were inactive. They also found that the children who fell asleep faster often slept longer.

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The good news is, exercise doesn’t have to be time-consuming or tedious. Physical activity comes in many forms, and for kids, it often looks like play.

If you’d like to see how physical activity affects your child’s sleep, try some of these easy ideas to get your family moving and having fun.

Go to the Park

The neighborhood playground is a great place to go for physical activity. Climbing and swinging provide opportunities for focus and muscle development, while slides can help smaller kids face fears or bond with parents. You may even find other fun things to occupy them, such as:

  • Basketball court

  • Volleyball court

  • Walking path

  • Soccer Field

  • Baseball Diamond

Take a Hike

Get out into nature and go exploring! A hike can provide a feeling of accomplishment and is great exercise. Fresh air can also improve sleep and reduce stress. If you’re not sure how your family will respond to hiking, try these tips:

  • Distract them from being tired by turning it into a game or a scavenger hunt

  • It also helps if the hike or walk leads to something interesting like a waterfall or scenic view

  • If your kids are small and a hike is too difficult, start with a short nature walk

Play Games

There are tons of games your family can play in your own backyard or driveway with minimal equipment:

  • Soccer

  • Tag, freeze tag, or variations where each person has to name something from a category to get unfrozen (i.e. TV tag, Song tag, Food tag)

  • Jump-rope

  • Basketball (if you have a hoop)

  • Cartwheels/handstands

  • Kickball

Invest in Your Backyard

There are a lot of things you can add to your backyard to help encourage the family to get outside and play, like a trampoline, playground, or bouncy house rentals. Companies like Astro Jump offer bouncy rentals in Calgary and other amazing options that will get any kid to turn off the TV and get moving.

Try out these suggestions for getting your family outside and physically active. Your kids will love spending extra time doing fun activities and you’ll enjoy the family time. Plus, the bedtime battle will become easier and your whole family will sleep better.

All awesome suggestions for getting your littles moving!!! I love the idea of building up that sleep pressure before bed! If you’d like to look into rentals for your own backyard or birthday parties here is the link :) CONTACT