As a infant and child sleep consultant
I offer education and customizable sleep solutions that will help everyone in your house feel rested. Again.


Before Babe

Chasing Sleep - Before Babe - Sleep Package

Ready for your new bundle of joy? Starting with good sleep habits ensures everyone is getting the sleep they need from the beginning. Sleep tools and strategies is an excellent addition to prenatal education. 


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Newborns have very disorganized sleep patterns. The first three months are the best time to guide little ones into developing their own sleep strategies. Lets set your newborn up to love sleep.

Baby Sleep

Chasing Sleep - Baby Sleep - Sleep Packages

Sleepless nights, multiple wake ups, nap fighting- sound familiar? Get customizable sleep solutions that suit your family’s needs.  Being a parent doesn't mean you have to be exhausted!

Toddler Fun

Chasing Sleep - Toddler Fun - Sleep Packages

There are so many changes as an infant becomes a toddler! Nap or no nap? Crib or big bed? Let's work together to get your little explorer staying in bed and getting the rest they need.

“I highly recommend Amanda's services. We had amazing results with her sleep plan. We went from getting up 6 times a night to sleeping through the night in a very short time.“

- Jennifer Pente